Saturday, August 01, 2009

Portland Trip- Day 16

This was Ross's last day of training, so he got out early, which was a pleasant surprise to all of us. We decided to head back over to OMSI. It was a lot of fun. A little pricey- but a good experience, nonetheless.

First off- here is my new purse/ souveinier from the trip. My other purse was in dire need of replacement. This little box had phosfluorescent rocks.
This was a keyboard that played when you moved your hand over the light beams. Very cool!

This had a cool infrared camera hooked up to it so you could see your body temperature. This may have been my favorite part. They had cold iron piece that you could put on your skin so they looked like tatoos in the picture, and if you held your hands or faces on that black wall long enough, the heat would tranfer and leave cool prints on the screen.
Family portraint- Further proof that Ross is hot!
The septic/sewage display.

Saber tooth cat. They had some really pretty fossils there.
Glogal warming movie on a spherical screen- very, very cool!
After this, Ross took off to enjoy a tour of the submarine they have docked in the river by the museum. They didn't allow children on the tour, so we went to the river education room and played in their river module.

The dinosaur room. There were more fossils there, but the girls liked these the best. Figures. . .
This is back at the sewage area.
These phone booths had buttons you could push that would simulate different levels of hearing loss. Emma was excited when Daddy was talking ot her insted of me all of the sudden. She was sad when he left for his tour.
This was cool! It was a pac-man game that was fixed to show the delayed response of someone who was at the legally drunk alchohol blood level. It was really hard- but I did get through one level.
This cool display had a air pump that pushed the ball through. They had something like this at the Children's museum as well, but this one was simpler and more fun.

The water table.

The nocturnal animal cave. It was dark when the camera flash wasn't going off- so those flashlights were actually necessary.
The Eagle's Nest.
The chipmunk tree.
The bucket pulley. Emma LOVED this. Please notice her make-shift stepping stool.

This is the submarine Ross toured. I couldn't go in it with the girls, but we could go up next to it after the tours were all finished. It is an old retired Naval submarine.

The USS BlueBack Cannot Accomodate visitors with claustrophobia, backpacks, high-heeled shoes, wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, or children under 4-years old.

After the museum was closed, we went to Olive Garden for dinner and Emma asked to take some pictures. Ross and I laughed really hard when she flipped it around to take a self-portrait. Guess where she learned that. . .
She got some cute shots though.
After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to watch Melissa and Ade get voted off SYTYCD. They were my two favorites. . . lame!


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gosh, i don't think I've ever been on that long of a vacation before! are you ever coming back? haha!

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