Saturday, August 01, 2009

Portland Trip- Day 14

The highlight of this day was our visit to the Ira Keller Fountain. This is a fun public fountain that is an iconin the city. We met Ross after work in front of his office this day, and walked over to let the girls splash around.

Sadly, I did not get any pictures because I left the memory card in my lap-top when I left. These are some pictures off of the Portland Tourism website. Picture this with loads of hippees and kids trying to escape the triple digit heat, and you will have an idea of what we experienced there. We stayed mostly in this lower part because the water was shallow and there was a lot more shade.
Here is what the creator of this fountain said about his work.
"In Portland I attempted to do two things: the first of these was to develop a long eight block sequence of open spaces, promenades, nodes of plazas and parks with a mix of public space and private space interwoven. Along this progression are a diversity of uses - housing, apartments, shops, restaurants, offices, auditorium. The space is choreographed for movement with nodes for quiet and contemplation, action and inaction, hard and soft, yin and yang. The second basic approach was to bring into the heart of downtown activities which related in a very real way to the environment of the Portland area - the Columbia River, the Cascade mountains, the streams, rivers and mountain meadows. These symbolic elements are very much a part of Portlanders' psyche…. Finally these places were for the first time designed to be used to be participatory - NOT just to look at - they say COME IN, not stay off."
I may have seen some tattooed and smelly teenagers doing a little too much with each other in one of those little pocket pools. After that, we decided to head down to Chipotle for some dinner, grab some souvenier books from Borders, and take the street-car back to our hotel.
It was a beautiful fountain, and a very interesting side to the city. I was surprised at how potentially dangerous it was, and how little supervision was there. Deep inside, I loved that. It is nice to see such little fear of law-suits sometimes. I am so tired and disgusted of that facet of entitlement in our world today.
It was a fun day that I really wish I had documented better with my camera.

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