Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Very Best Mother's Day Weekend EVER to Exist!

I love my husband! He is the sweetest and kindest man alive. He planned and devised for me the perfect Mother's Day weekend. Every aspect of it was planned by him, and it truly showed me just how much he knows and loves me. This will be long and fairly boring for most people, but I wanted to record it because it was really such a wonderful weekend for us.
It started out on Friday afternoon with the key ingredient of most of my best memories- pizza! We went to Pier 49 and used a BOGO coupon for some gourmet pizza. There was some Dr. Pepper involved too.
We then headed over to my mom's house to drop the girls off for the night. Ross planned for my little sister Dan to watch the girls for a slumber party. They could not wait to spend the night in the princess tent. This constitiuted the next component of the perfect weekend- 12 hours with no children.
After a quick goodbye, we headed to Salt Lake to the Radisson hotel where Ross had gotten a discount night on a Sleep Number bed. So awesome! We planned to go do a session at the Salt Lake Temple- but decided to just take it easy and relax. Next two elements of the perfect weeked- relaxation and a hotel. I LOVE hotels. I don't know why, but I do.
We got dinner at Ruby River Steak House. It was good steak!
We also enjoyed watching the large party that was sat next to us. A young man had just graduated Cum Laude from the U of U Law School, and was getting ready to get married to his fiance' in the next few days. The in-laws were all meeting for the first time. The tension was palpable and delicious to us onlookers. People Watching/People Judging= one of my favorite things to do ever.
Did I mention how good the steak was? Steak also happens to be one of the elements required for the perfect weekend. Good job, Ross!
This is us trying to get a picture of the strange framed art featuring a purple marijuana leaf.
Random pictures and crazy art are not necessarily needed for the perfect weekend, but they certainly don't hurt!
Those are the only pictures of the night- but we did a lot more than that. You'll have to check the PG 13 rated version of this blog to get more details on that though. . . ;)
We woke up in the morning to the sounds of the March for the Cure for Breast Cancer. There were pink balloons, confetti, and bikes all over the place. I had actually considered running in it before Ross told me to not plan anything for the weekend. I have a number of women in my life who have been affected by Breast Cancer. I like being involved in those activities mostly to help the cause, but also partly to see all the funny shirts and logos. The favorites I saw on the street after this one were 'Save the Hoo-ha's', 'The Future of my titties depends on you', 'Can you tell which one is infected?' and 'Of course they are fake- the real ones tried to kill me!'
Some people call that vulgar- I call it comic relief to a scary and painful situation.
After a delicious breakfast of Chillean pastries, we picked up our girls and played aound at my mom's house for a bit. We then headed to Macy's grocery store to get some frozen yogurt (another element of the perfect weekend) and to get some chips for the company bar-be-que later that night.
Emma has a less than convential way of eating an ice cream cone. Notice the big bite taken out of the side of the cone, and the spoon in her hand. . .
I have to say though, that she seems to have more fun with her process.

The grocery store was also doing a promotional spree on their strawberries and were giving away lots of different recipes they had made using strawberries. We had parfeit, jam, and strawberry tart. Free pastries are definitely part of the best weekend ever!
That night ended with a company bar-be-que at the park meaning I got free food that I did not have to cook. Beautiful!

Sunday was glorious as Ross took over my Sunbeams class and I got to go to Relief Society. After church, we went to my Grandma's house where there was more free food that I didn't have to help cook, and some of my very favorite people ever.
Thank you, Ross for being such an amazing husband. I felt so special and loved all weekend without even a shred of guilt. (OK, maybe a few shreds were inserted here and there- but that isn't too bad for me!) I have not felt so relaxed and cared for in a very long time.

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Carrie Gross said...

This is so sweet. Sorry I missed this post. What a great guy you have. And the Sunbeam thing he must definitely love you because we've talked of how Ross does not want to be over the Sunbeams. I'm very happy that he did such a good job because you totally deserve it. You are an awesome wife, mom, friend, and person! I love your face!