Sunday, May 10, 2009

The most wonderful mother in the whole world!!!!!!!!!

Now I don't mean to brag, okay I do, Amanda just IS the most wonderful mother in the whole world. I have it on good authority from our two little ones that she is the most wonderful mommy. We all love having her around. So yesterday after returning from a fun-filled trip to SLC. we picked up the girls at grandmas house, we had to go gather them up at the park that apparently Emma did not want to leave for any reason and constantly was prodding her aunt to take her to, but as soon as she saw mommy she couldn't run fast enough to throw her arms around her neck to give her a giant hug and kiss. I picked Sara up and all she wanted was to be held and snuggle with her mommy. I think that if your looking for proof as to which one of us our girls really prefer, they will always pick their sweet, loving mommy over all else. No treats necessary.

Anyway, this post is suppose to be a brag post about how wonderful a mommy Amanda is, but I have to say that I am using this opportunity to write about the most wonderful, amazing wife I have. Amanda is truly an angel that Heavenly Father sent to me. She has the most passionate charismatic way about her. Always knowing what I am thinking and knowing how to make me happy, even when she may not know it. I am truly grateful to have such a kind, loving, funny, hot and sexy woman to be by my side throughout this life. I don't know what I would do without her, I knew I wanted to be with my best friend forever and now I know I can be, because I found her and married her for all eternity.

I love you Amanda

Love Ross

We love you tooooooo mommy hsfvdbgnu,thyrzcdvbh njmmgn ddwwfvc dd hg

Love Emma and Sara

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Anonymous said...

This is the best post ever. I have no doubt in my mind that Amanda is the best mom and wife ever. I absolutely love you Amanda! Have a beautifully fantastic Mothers Day! (Way to go on the surprise trip Ross. Five stars.)