Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Heather!

On the fourth of May, my oldest little sister officially entered her mid-twenties. We had a little celebration the day before her birthday because apparently she had all kinds of plans for the big day that we were not allowed to be a part of.

My mom made her favorite meal- frozen chicken nuggets. Grossness! Mom was nice and made a lasagna for those of us who are over 4 years old and have taste buds in tact. :)

Heather also requested a no-bake cheesecake for her cake. Grossness part Deux! No toppings at all- just the gross no bakeness of creamcheese. It was her day though. . . Heather was a nice aunt and let Emma be a part of the festivities.

Pick a candle. . .
Lick off the goo. . .
Caulene was also capturing every exciting moment.
Again, my mother was an angel and compensated for Heather's lack of taste buds by making a crazy cake for the rest of us. Thanks Mom!

Then it was time for presents. She got a pretty good haul. A shopping spree with Caulene, 10 pounds of gummy worms, a camera, some books, and some scrubs (she works in a rest home).

Emma lost interest in helping when the worms were unwrapped.

Ross was there too. I like him.
Caulene and Emma had a rousing game of hide and seek after dinner.
Happy Birthday, Heather. I love you! I hope your next year is as good as the last- if not better.

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Heather Jones said...

Thank you again for the camera! I chose Sunday because I knew everyone would make it no problem. And second I had chicken nuggets because yes they are one of my favorites, but mom wouldn't let me have sushi.