Monday, May 11, 2009

My Girls

I have been reprimanded for not writing about the girls enough lately. Apparently the pictures are not enough. Here is my attempt to appease the aggreived parties.

  1. Emma is a HUGE help around the house now. She loves to help me with chores and is very happy when our house is all cleaned and picked up. She likes to help me clean the dishes, set the table, put laundry away, vaccuum, wipe down any surface, and her favorite (and mine)- scrub the toilet bowls.
  2. Emma does not like to wear panties. Our little girl goes commando most of the time. I was a little bothered and a little embarrassed about this before, but now I figure I have no diapers to change, and less laundry to do. Win/Win!!
  3. Emma is an amazing big sister. She is so sweet with Sara. She shares her toys, reads books, plays games, and watches out for her. She always greets Sara with a smile in the morning, and tells her how beautiful she is.
  4. Emma can spell her first name. Just ask her. It is cute. We are working on writing it- and she is getting pretty good.
  5. Emma can say the first 4 Articles of Faith all by herself. Every now and then she needs a few prompting words- but she knows them. We are starting the 5th tonight. She also loves to say prayers, and often repeats the prayers said in church when she thinks it should be her turn.
  6. Emma is a night owl. She likes to stay up late and sleep in during the morning. If she had her way (and I'll go ahead and admit that sometimes she does get her way) she would be up until midnight and not wake up until after 11.
  7. Emma is a lovely singer. She sings all the time about anything at all. Most of them are real songs, but sometimes she just makes them up. Just today she was singing a song about her princess shoes being sad because there was yucky poopy on them. She does not have any pincess shoes, and none of her shoes have poopy on them, so I am not sure where this came from.
  8. Emma loves to play pretend. She makes us extravagant dinners with her kitchen set, plays a sweet little puppy, and acts as the mommy to all of her stuffed animals. It is not uncommon to walk into her room to find all of the stuffed animals being put down for a nap with my dishtowels over them as make-shift blankets. It is also funny when they start to talk back to her. "Hey, KittyBear! I said in bed NOW! Do I need to close the door? OK, one more song, and then sleepy time- OK sweetie?"
  9. Emma loves to go for drives and fall asleep. She asks me all the time if we "can go for a drive and have a car-nap. I wanna sleep in the car."
  10. Emma is learning to dance. I thought about putting her into a dance class, but decided to just teach her myself at first until she gets older. To be honest, all it has turned into is an organized form of running around. It does exert some of her energy though- which is ALWAYS a plus for me!


  1. Sara can say the following words: Dada, Memm (Emma), Cat, Mama (in that order- I was AFTER the cat!), dog, Jeej (Jesus), Yes, No, Baba (bottle), Loves (hugs), oh no, where is it?, hi, and of course, mine. I think there are more, but those are all I can think of right now.
  2. A couple months ago, Sara entered that beautiful stage of communication where she started pointing and nodding. It was amazing the first time it happened. I asked her what she wanted, and she pointed up at my kitchen counter. All I had to do then was hold up everything in that vicinity until she indicated which item she wanted. It was a dishrag the first time.
  3. Sara talks in gibberish. She just jabbers away, but uses the inflection she hears us use in regular sentences. It really adorable. We usually just respond by smiling, nodding, and making mention of just how cute she is.
  4. Sara's hair is FINALLY long enough to put in a little rubber band. Pictures forthcoming!
  5. Sara is a snuggle-bug. She loves to be in the middle of whatever we are doing. We like to call her the 'Wedge' since her favorite place to be is right between Ross and me.
  6. Sara LOVES bath time. Any time she hears the shower running, she comes streaking in tearing off her clothes. Sometimes she just starts climbing in fully clothed. She gets very mad when anybody in the house bathes without her. There are days when she gets 3 or 4 showers or baths.
  7. Sara loves her stuffed animals. She is always clutching something plush, and gets very offended when someone tries to take them away.
  8. Sara gives slobbery baby kisses. I hate them. Emma was so good at giving little pecks without any baby goo involved. Sara is not. I am not sure why.
  9. Sara loves her sister. She follows Emma around like a little puppy dog. She wants to be involved in everything Emma does, and Emma- bless her heart- lets her be involved most of the time. They are such good little friends.
  10. Sara does NOT sleep through the night. She is up 2 or 3 times a night. I hate this too. The funny thing is that she always wakes up for good around 8:00 and is extremely happy. She never gets up on the wrong side of the bed. She greets the world with smiles, hugs and chatter.

Those are my girls. They are incredible and give my life depth and meaning that I had never before imagined was possible. They run me through the gamut of emotions every day and never cease to strengthen my testimony of Heavenly Father. There is just no way these two miracles came to be through chance and happenstance. I spend most of the time feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility I have concerning them, but I get little moments here and there that let me know I am doing an adequate job. I love my girls!


Anonymous said...

an adequate job? sweetheart, i think you are doing a great job! how many toddlers know ANY of the articles of faith? that is amazing!

Carrie said...

Very cute! Your girls do have a lot of energy, but in a cute way. Not in a, please stop, way. :)

James and Monica said...

you make me happy! Thank you!!