Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why My Home Teacher is Better Than Your Home Teacher: Reason #63

There was a panic in my house yesterday. I admit to shedding a few tears and shaking a tiny bit over the matter. While I was getting ready to head to my morning exercise group, my girls came in to my room screaming that there was a GIANT spider in their room. I told them to get a shoe and squish it, but they assured me it was far too big for a shoe, and it had orange hair and they were too scared. Can you imagine what I thought it was?
Needless to say, my arachnaphobic self was NOT going ANYWHERE near such a BEAST. I believed it possible because I have seen a couple of them while out running. Each time I have screamed and jumped and prayed and (possibly slightly, involuntarily soiled myself. TMI?). I
immediately instructed Emma, the bravest person in the house at the time, to go and close her bedroom door.

While she was accomplishing this terrifying task, I did the only thing a good mother would do in a situation like this- I called my husband and asked him to drive all the way home from Salt Lake and kill the 8 legged intruder and then hold me while I cried for a bit, and then fumigate our entire neighborhood.

He refused. Rude!

Apparently he has better things to do with his day than squish spiders for his wife who is controlled by her childish fears. What is up with that?!

When my knight in armor lost a bit of his shine, I decided to continue getting ready for my exercise group, and planned to find a way to stay out of my house until Ross could come home. Shopping, visiting, long walk on the beach- whatever it took, I was NOT coming back to a home that also housed a tarantula.

As we were walking to the park to meet up with the other ladies in the exercise group, I was stopped by my home teacher. Ross had called him to be the arachnid slayer by proxy.

I was so embarrassed. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED!!

So Pierre came over, asked where the unwanted vermin was, and headed up the stairs to slay our dragon-like foe. And he did a great job.

It looked a little something like this.

Did I mention that I had failed to enter the room and see the miscreant for myself? Yeah- big hairy spider, my foot! I could have handled this guy.

My self-loathing and blushing was out of control at this point, but Pierre, the Home Teacher of the Century, found it hilarious and if he was judging me for my ridiculousness, he was kind enough to keep it to himself. He caught the insect (NOT arachnid) in a cup and taught the girls a few things about him, and headed on his way.

Our hero! :)


Michelle P said...

Amanda, this is hilarious! I guarantee I would have done the exact same thing as you. There is a good reason I never use our downstairs bathroom . . . I killed 2 spiders in it right after we moved in. :)

Heidi said...

You can always call my little bug girl. I'm sure she would take care of it for you. Especially if it's a grasshopper. She loves to catch those things in her hands.

mostlyprobably said...

Awesome! Also, your husband does deserve some credit for sending a proxy! Not a lot of husbands would do that. :)

Carrie said...

That's awesome. In the 16 years since we've lived in Roosevelt, we have almost never had a ht that came. My kids really don't even know what one is.

Ellen Raquel said...

You're awesome Amanda, so freaking cute. And your husband and home teacher rock,for sure!hehe

Grammy Wagner said...

This is just such a darling post. Story of the day!! Love from Pierre's grandmother-in-law. Love him.