Friday, August 05, 2011

Cousin Time!

Gena and Troy came to visit Troy's brother in Saratoga, which just happens to be 10 minutes from our house, so we demanded some time with them while they were here. :) Melissa and Jim came out with their crew as well, and all 11 cousins had a grand time!

The older boys kept showing me their Potato Head masterpieces, and little Brayden wanted in on the presentation fun. :)

It was a fun night. I was glad to get to spend some time with them, and glad to have them time their visit right when we were painting our living room and building a new mantel, because it forced us to rush through the project rather than drag it out.

I think the house still smelled like paint, but we had a good time anyway, and ended the night with some fireworks in the rain. I should have taken more pictures, but just got busy chatting and stuff. Sorry...


Grandma said...

That last picture of Sam and some I have seen of Sara?? Cousins? oh my, YES! Do you see it or is it just me? I wish your sisters would get married so we can see what their kids will look like...;-)

mostlyprobably said...

I always wished I grew up around cousins. I'm glad that Ophelia will have some cousins close by. Your kids are so lucky!