Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Emma's First Day of School

Emma started Kindergarten this year. What a milestone! What a big girl! I went a little picture crazy to keep me excited and happy. I did NOT want to put a damper on her happy day by being teary. I didn't want her to think there was anything sad or upsetting about her growing up into such a fine young lady.

Sara wanted in on the picture fun too. These girls are so funny together!

They tried to match themselves today, which I loved. So cute!

Daddy came home from work early so we could all walk Emma to her first day together. He helped me stay away from the teary place as well.

We got there early enough for her to play on the playground for a bit.

In front of her classroom.

In the shade.

She was so excited. At one point, I heard her comforting another little girl that was crying and nervous. I was so proud of how kind and brave she was being.

Her seat is right next to Peyton- her best friend from pre-school!

She didn't know I was taking these. I loved her candid little faces.

We made it without shedding any tears. We got a bit weepy on the way home, but it wasn't too bad. I had a heavy heart all day.

Coming home. She can't find me.
First day all done.
After this, we went and got some ice cream as a first day of school treat. We then headed to our ward garden to do some work, came home to have dinner and do homework, and then crashed in bed after a nice little interview of her first day at school. It was along and emotional day- but happy overall.


Holly said...

Your girls are so cute and sweet! I love when you post videos of them, since I haven't met them before, it's fun to be able to see a bit of their personality. I hope they have a great school year too. It's bittersweet watching our babies grow up, isn't it?

Ellen Raquel said...

Your kids are the cutest!!They grow up so fast, huh?? I can see that by how fast my pregnancy is going!haha Miss you darling!

Southern Spud said...

So fun! Congrats on not crying, Amanda. :) I was also thinking a video interview was in order, but I just haven't gotten that done yet....glad you did one and shared it with us all! Just as Holly said, I feel like I know your girls through those vids.