Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sara's First Day of School

Sara went to her first day of Pre-School yesterday. She even picked out her own clothes and did her own hair. She refused any help from me, but she looks great, so I suppose I wasn't needed.

She wanted a special picture of her back-pack, that is twice her size. She loves it, and so do I.

She had a great first day complete with snacks (that she got to bring!), play-doh, singing, playing, learning, and best of all, PAINTING!

She is such a big girl. I missed her while she was gone even with Emma and Jack keeping me company. Do you love how she came home with her shoes on the wrong feet...
After the excitement of the big day, I decided to tape some interviews with my new school girls. Here is Sara's.

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Mandy said...

She hit the nail.
Right on the head.
Also, I am not exactly sure who Morgan is......