Saturday, December 05, 2009

Out of Order Family Pictures

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Amy, a lovely friend from my ward took some picture for our family. The girls were cold and refused to smile even a tiny bit- so I am fairly impressed with how many good shots she got. Here are some of our favorites. Grandmas- don't worry. You will have some in the mail in the next week.

I look way better in black and white. Seriously!
She wasn't smiling- but I thought she looked so cute!

I know I haven't posted about Thanksgiving yet. I do! Stop reminding me. We had Thanksgiving and we ate turkey and it was delicious. I will maybe post pictures before Christmas. No promises.


Ashley Welling said...

I love your Thanksgiving recap! Short and sentence!!

Em said...

ps, I love that you have your pants rolled up on the bottom. Can't count the number of times I've done this. yay for being short!

Sarah Schroeder said...

I absolutely LOVE the unsmiling picture of Sara. It captures her beauty so well.