Monday, December 07, 2009

Black Friday

My dad has to work on Thanksgiving every year, so my family has a tradition of doing their big turkey dinner on Friday. We set up the tree and put up ornaments while we waited for everyone to get off of work. The girls love helping with Grandma's tree because she isn't picky about where the ornaments go like Mommy is. Grandma just moves them around after we leave. The only pictures I got of this night were of decorating the tree. I was enjoying the meal too much to remember to take any pictures of it. I think turkey tastes much better when I don't have to prepare it! :)

Heather asked Emma to smile. This was the result.
Emma and Dana have a good system to get ornaments on those high branches.

This was from right before we left. We found her new coat on sale at Ross, and I just wanted to show it off :)

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Michelle said...

Your Kids are super cute...just letting you know.

Love you