Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Salute to Veterans

On this day, I thought I would come on and say a few words since it is a day to remember those we have lost protecting, those who have protected and those that are protecting our freedom and liberty and way of life. I personally feel as though I owe so much to those who have gone before and wish daily that I could have done more when I served.

Many of you know I served in the United States Air Force for a short while, and that something very unfortunate happened to me during that time that has altered my life and continues to shape who I am today. To many, it is quite apparent who a veteran is when we see someone so young in a wheel chair or missing a limb or two, but to so many we don't recognize those who served because we don't see the physical scarring of war, we don't see that which lies within, the memories of those we lost and the sights and sounds we saw and heard so many miles away from home.

On this day I pause to remember one of those whose life of service and service to his country has shaped my life. My grandfather Jack Erwin Fish whom I was named after "my middle name is Erwin" served proudly in the United States Marine Corp from 1941 - 1946, he left the states under the Golden Gate bridge to help protect the islands of the Pacific during WWII, during which time he was captured and tortured in the Japanese POW camps. Being only one of a few thousand that survived the Bataan Death Marches and battle of Corregidor, A feeling of deep respect wells up inside me every time I think about what he survived and how honored I am to be a desendent of such a great man that gave so much to protect the lives of those he loved and those whom he would never meet, only to serve a master greater than us all who has provided a land for us to enjoy such freedoms provided to us under our constitution.

As some of you know I work for the Department of Veteran Affairs. I work directly with those for whom this day is dedicated. I feel it a great honor to serve those who have served and feel as though, if you do not feel as though this country is the greatest ever, you really need to talk to few people I meet every day. We are all given certain rights by God, but freedom and liberty are the things we must fight for. If we aren't willing to fight for them ourselves, those who fight for us deserve all our honor and respect.

We truly live in the greatest county on God's green earth. I feel honored this day to have served for as long as I was able and am so proud to be a desendent of such a great man that almost lost his life doing what was right. I love serving those who served to keep me and my family free.



Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

My husband is hot. That is all.

Michelle and Dan said...

I loved reading that. Thank you Ross.