Thursday, November 05, 2009

Pumpkins with the Wallaces

My Grandma always has a big gathering at her house before Halloween where all the cousins get together and carve pumpkins. I love it! This year, the celebration doubled as a birthday party for my cute Cousin, Garrett. Here are some pictures. A lot of them!

Dana's pumpkin was huge! I was trying to show the frost that was inside in this picture. Look how thick the stem was!
Emma liked helping scoop out the seeds,
I loved this. Jessica is funny! (it's pumpkin pi!)
Look at all of that concentration! This is a big deal!
Lara made this AMAZING cake for Garret's birthday. This is after it was cut and the Batman on the motorcycle was taken off the top. It has a utility belt!
Garret and Sara.
Dana is getting too pretty. How do I stop this? He is excited because he knows the kissing picture (not shown) is coming next! ;)
Spencer's green cyclops.
Emma wanted me to carve a Snow White to match her costume. This is how it ended up.
Aubrey's (Heather's friend) Bat Signal, and Kassidy's (Dana's friend) PacMan. The Pac Man carving went all around the huge pumpkin with dots, a goblin, and a strawberry. It was awesome. Kassidy rocks!
Dana's peace sign (she was a hippee for Halloween), Heather's Gotham (I told her to put the scraps from Aubrey's pumpkin on top of her city scape to be the bat signal), and Aaron's Tiki Man.
I realize it is a silly and useless hobby, but I thoroughly enjoy this tradition. Not pictured was the scones and sparkling apple juice fresh from the orchard.


emi-jo said...

manda!! :D

i LOVED your pumpkin!! im SO freaking impressed! :D you are the coolest mom on the block and there's mistake! ;)

ps. if you haven't yet, go check your facebook. :) MWAH! i love yer face!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you used so many stencils for your pumpkin. Super impressive! Super impressive anyway, pumpkin carving is gross! I can't do it.