Friday, November 02, 2007

My Kitty

No- Ross did not let me get a kitten. . . yet. However, we have a neighbor who has a kitten who has grown to love us more than he loves his family- especially me. I believe this is mostly because little Mischief (that is our name for him- I think his real name is Jerry- but that is lame and totally unfitting of our little ball of energy!) has to share his apartment with a little rat dog that is smaller than him. Anyway- this cat loves us! He will wait outside our door for us to come and play, and used to jump in through our windows when we left them open in the summer. He once follwed me all the way around the block when I took Emma for a night-time stroll to try and get her to sleep. When our car is gone, he will lay in the sun by our spot waiting for us to get back. He is such a sweet little thing, and he is so fun and patient with Emma. I love this cat! I still want one of my own- but having Mischief around does ease that pang a little.

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Anonymous said...

It just goes to show you don't have to own a cat for a kitty to own you. I'm happy for you and your addition to your family. :)