Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fire Station and Library Field Trip

A few weeks ago (what? I got behind with all the birthday stuff. . .) Emma's pre-school went on a field trip to the local fire station and library. It was a little cold, and Emma was grumpy the whole time which made it so fun for everyone around her :( However, since then, she has talked about how much fun she had and wants to go again. Memories of a five year old are funny like that I guess. Anyway, here are some cute pictures of Miss Mandy's classes on their field trip.

I was so proud of Emma who knew all the answers to every question even when she was wrong. :)

Emma's favorite part of the fire house was the ambulance that had a bed in the back. She was very into everything the paramedic said, and repeated it all to her Daddy when he came home. Her little mind really is a spongue right now!
This fireman had to get all of his gear on before the kids counted to 30. He was even a good sport when all the boys said he looked like Spiderman with that smoke damper.
Everyone got little helmets. The boys were very into it while the girls asked if there were any pink ones.
All the kids got to get in the firetruck. Emma and Sara both reused to go.

At the library, they were given a quick tour, and then the Mayor came and read them a Dr. Seuss book.
I am glad Emma ended up with good memories from teh trip even if she was a pain, and I am also glad that Sara got to come as she will start her first Pre-School class with Miss Mandy when Emma goes to Kindergarten. *Sob*

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Heather Johnson said...

So glad that the post on Imaginary Friends was helpful. It can be a hard balance to know how to handle them.

Love the pictures of the fire station. It could be the single best field trip when your a kid.

Hope you had a good Monday.