Thursday, March 03, 2011

Emma's Birthday Part One

We wanted to try and give Emma two separate birthday celebrations since Sara got two separate birthday celebrations. Instead of trying to figure out what she would want, I asked her since she has been so full of good ideas lateley. She was, and both parties were wonderful.

On Saturday she wanted to go see Tangled again. We spent the morning babysitting some boys for a woman in my ward whose husband is in the military and needs time to train for a marathon. The girls had lots of fun with their little friends. When they left, we headed down to Orem where we had fun walking around the mall. Emma especially liked the Disney Store.
When one of the employees heard it was her birthday, they got her a fun sticker and some coloring sheets.
Sara got jealous, so they got her a sticker too.
After that we met my family at the movie theater and enjoyed an almost empty theater to see Tangled. I loved it almost more the second time around. It was great. My dad liked it too.
When we got home, Emma helped me make her cake so it would be ready to go for her party the next day. She had lots of ideas about the cake too, so I tried to implement as many as I could. She wanted a rainbow inside, so we did three layers with different colors. I would have done more, but I only have three pans, and I didn't want to have too much left over cake.

She was so proud to be using the mixer by herself. She is so big.
On her cake she wanted, and I quote, "Sprinkles and my name and stars and hearts and a picture of a pretty princess cake for a princess." I used my fancy new sillhouette to make some stencils, and Emma sprinkled on all the shapes we could fit. We didn't get the, 'picture of a pretty princess cake for a princess', but she was happy when I told her that her cake was a pretty princess cake for a princess so I would take a picture of it. Did anyone follow that? My life seems strange sometimes.

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Southern Spud said...

Makes plenty of sense to another mother of a girl. ;) I would have been saying the same thing.

Happy Birthday, Emma!!! :)