Thursday, June 28, 2007

OK- I know- I never update this thing. Unfortunately, now the only place where I have internet access is work. That means that while I have ample time to write in between taking calls and making cookies and all those other receptionist type things- I have no way to down-load pictures to the site. I was under the impression that posts without pictures were boring and pretty much unwanted by most of my adoring blogspot visitors. I decided to wait until I had a chance to get internet access at home to update, thinking that Ross would be miserable without high-speed internet access. I was wrong. Apparently the only thing more important to Ross than high-speed internet is free cable access. Let me explain. When we moved into our new apartment, we were told that we would have to provide all of those special amenities that we had grown so accustomed to in Idaho- cable, internet, gym access, newspaper, etc. Imagine our surprise when we hooked up our TV and found that we do in fact have cable. We have yet to receive any bills- and are basking in the glory that is free cable. Ross is afraid to get cable internet (which is the only kind fast enough for him to pay for) because he doesn't want them to find out that we are not paying for this service. This means that the posts from now on will be primarily text based. Maybe later I will add pictures to enhance the posts- I am sure they will need it.

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