Thursday, June 28, 2007

My New Job
As some of you may know, I have had some difficulties with this whole stay-at-home mom thing. For some reason, I have had a very hard time with being at home all of the time. I thought that motherhood would be an all-incompasing thing that would take up all of my time and bring me great joy. I had envisions of being a modern-day June Cleaver, spending my days baking cookies and caseroles and attending to evey need my husband had. Well- it seems that caseroles and cooking don't take as much of the day as I thought they would. I have found myself getting overwhelmingly BORED and in need of more stimulating conversation than, "What does the duck say? Where is my nose? Do we have some a Little Miss Poopy Pants here?" Emma is great- but while she can't talk back to me yet, I have found myself getting lonely and depressed. Apparently all those years of holding a job and attending school and just basically being stressed beyond all reason was more addicting than I thought. Well, after dealing with this for over a year, I finally decided to talk to Ross about me trying to find a part-time job. He was favorable of this as long as we could find family members to watch Emma. It just so happens that the day after Ross and I had this discussion, my best friend Carrie called to tell me that she was quitting her morning recpetionist job because she was moving up to a job in the accounting department of the company. My family all said that they would help to watch Emma, and I was in a new job. It has been so nice for me. I really feel like I am contributing to the household both monetarily, and attitudinally (is that a word?). I am also getting some real adult interaction. It is just long enough for me to feel fulfilled in some of those areas, and for me to actually miss Emma. I am very grateful for the way everything opened up for me-- it is almost as if someone is watching and aware of me, and ready to help when I need it!

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Anonymous said...

Amanda, I'm so glad you got a job! It really is fulfilling, I think, to be doing something else, and I think that is so important after you're a mom. I think you're amazing!