Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Some Like it HOT!

 We were at a Mexican restaurant when Ross thought it would be funny to give Luke a taste of the very spicy salsa. He wanted to see the sad reaction. We were a bit surprised when instead of cries, we got giggles and a bowl licking. To say he liked it would be an understatement. Since this was Daddy's brilliant idea, he was put on diaper duty the next day.
 Spicy enough to need some water, but not enough to stop him from going back for more. Kids are fun.

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Anonymous said...

Did you eat spicy stuff when you were pregnant with him? I just read a thing that said that fetuses can taste the food you're eating when you're pregnant and develop a taste for things that you ate a lot! I chowed down on lemons when I was pregnant with Ophelia (because I like them and also because it's the only thing that helped with nausea) and she's never eaten a lemon and gotten that funny pucker reaction. So disappointing. Anyway, just wondered. Ophelia doesn't really react to spicy stuff either, maybe because I also had a serious craving for jalapenos most of my pregnancy...