Sunday, October 30, 2011

School Carnival

Emma's school put on a big Fall carnival last month. We went and had fun and took pictures and stuff. Enjoy.

Jack was there.

So were we.

The girls rode a little train. They were excited.

The school did a pretty good job at putting together a fun evening. I didn't expect it to be as fun as it was.

Sara called this one the Dolphin Slide, and that was fine with me...

This was an obstacle course that I was sure would be too challenging and long for them to do. They insisted on trying it. I let them thinking they would have me help them off half way through and then they would know to listen to me next time. They TOTALLY proved me wrong, and this was their favorite part of the whole carnival.

Emma used some of her tickets to get a sno-cone.

Sara followed suit and used some of her tickets for cotton candy.

Jack just mooched off both of them. That stinker can really work the system!


Source of Stud genes!

I love Jack's threatening hands approaching in this picture. :)

Ross spent most of the night listening to the BYU game on his phone.

Finished! Good job, girly! (Ross and I helped her quite a bit when she wasn't looking...)


Carrie Gross said...

Very Cute!

Carrie said...


mostlyprobably said...

Be honest, did Ross pose for that picture? I love it.