Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dana's Volleyball Game!

My little sister made the volleyball team at OHS this year. SO EXCITING! We have made it down to a few games to support her. Here are some pictures from one of the games we went to.

She is #21

Good block! Time to serve!

She had an excellent fan base cheering her on!

Emma even had me bring a yellow shirt for her to change into when I picked her up from school. It was green day at school, but she HAD to wear yellow or blue to the game.

This was shortly after her surgery, so she kept her sunglasses on most of the time.

When I explained the concept of school colors and mascots to Emma earlier that day she said, "My school has colors too! They are .....(long pause)..... Pink and Purple and Sparkles! And our mackos (mascots) are UNICORNS!"

When I tried to explain to her that her school is called {school name} so her mascot is really an Eagle she got mad at me and said, "But I don't go to {school name}! I go to KINDERGARTEN!" Touche, little one. You have me there!

Grandma and Grandpa Wallace were there to support her as well.

Dana is the team captain of the Sophomore team and is a sub for the JV team. I am very proud of how hard she works. What a fun experience for her!

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Where did she get her tall?