Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our 3 Year Anniversary

This update is for Brittany- the only one who validates my blogging efforts.

August 24th marked the third completed year of my marriage to Ross. I wanted to do something totally romantic because I love Ross (and because I knew that he would not- he really needs to work on that whole romantic thing) so I started planning the day about 3 weeks in advance. I got my sisters to agree to a little slumber party with Emma, and I got reservations at a swanky hotel (OK- it was a LaQuinta- but they did give us free breakfast!). The night before I told Ross that I needed to go shopping, and that I wanted to do it alone. I said that I needed a break from Emma (which was totally not true that day because Emma had been loads of fun.) I then went and purchased all the fixings needed for a nice roast dinner. I got that all cooking at my mom's house before I went home. I think Ross was surprised when it took me over an hour to buy a bag of peaches.

The next day - THE DAY- I got Mary from work to let me get off work early. I raced to my mom's house and got my sisters to help me take it all over to the hotel (whose consierge was wonderful and let me check in early!! He was also very hairy- perhaps even the missing link?) We set up all the china and goblets and it was just beautiful.

All of this took longer than I wanted it to (stupid eery sounding and slow elevator) and Ross kept calling and asking where I was. I had to blame Mary- which made me feel bad because she had been so nice to let me leave early. Anyway, when I got home, Ross wanted to take me to lunch, so I had to fake being sick and tired, and I just laid on the couch and read to Emma. Finally, after Ross was getting upset about not doing anything on our anniversary, I told him that I had to go and help my little sister Dana with some homework, and then we could go to lunch. He was a little surprised when we got to my mom's house and instead of helping Dana, I dropped off Emma.

After that I tried to get him to wear a blind fold- but he was a spoil sport- so I just took a very round a bout way of getting to the hotel. Oh yes- I forgot one of my sneakiest parts. Ross saw me putting some bags in the car the night before and asked about them. I said I needed them for work (I am not a very good liar) so the next day I put our temple bags in the back where he could see them- so when I started heading towards the freeway, he thought we were going to do sealings at the Bountiful temple- which would have been pretty romantic too- maybe next year! He was confused when I turned into the parking lot of the hotel- which was just off of the freeway. When we got out of the scary creaking elevator, our whole floor smelled of slow cooked roast (which made me feel kind of bad because the hotel is run by Indians- and they don't eat beef) and Ross said- wow, someone is eating good tonight. He was very happy when I opened our room and found that our room was the cause of the wonderful aroma.

The rest of the night was a lot of fun- and it was really amazing that I kept it a secret from him for so long. I am a good secret keeper- but with him being around so much lately (since he quit his job at Brent Brown) it has been hard to set things up without him knowing about it.

So that is my homage to my sneakiness and my romanticism. I do believe that next year it will be his turn to come up with something big though!


Anonymous said...

That is so fun, I love doing that kind of thing. I tried to do that with our last anniversary but Blair, Captain Structure and Schedule himself, doesn't like surprises and he gets pretty mad about it. He's backwards but I love him! Did you guys get married in the Bountiful Temple?

Amanda said...

I don't like surprises either- so I can see where he is coming from. Well, actually that is not totally accurate. I don't like surprises that I know are coming. Ross always ruins his by saying something like, "I have a surprise for you, but you don't get to know what it is until next week." It RUINS everything. After that I feel like I can't plan on or schedule anything for the next week because I don't when the stupid surprise is coming. I also stress about what the surprise is- a large gift, a fun day out, something for an anniversarry of sorts that I fogrgot about. Then I start thinking, "Should I get him something? Is what I got going to match what he got? Am I going to look stupid for getting something totally infereior to his surprise? Am I going to look stupid for getting something way beyond what he got for me?" Anyway- surprises that I know are coming are too stressfull to be enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

bah!! i love surprises!! hey did you guys get married in bountiful? that's where we got married!

Amanda said...

Yes- it is actually kind of a funny story. I wanted to get married in the Timpanogos temple- but Ross didn't want to because that is where I had been proposed to by someone else. He wanted to get married in the Salt Lake temple- but I didn't want to because he had proposed to someone else there (and she was serving a mission there at the time). So we compromised and went with the Bountiful- and we are very happy we did. It is so beautiful, and sits in a much quieter spot than most others (mostly because most people can't find it with all the non-grid windy streets).

Southern Spud said...

mmnmjk l.lkjm - that's from Hannah. ;) Hey, I'm so glad that you popped up onto my blog! I couldn't remember the url for yours! I love your story, but it does leave me wondering what your hubby was wantign to do for lunch. Where did he have in mind? Did HE actually have some romantic idea in mind himself, much as you figured he didn't? Op, H's crying, better go. :(

Me :)

Amanda said...

He wanted to use a gift certificate to Olive Garden that I got from doing surveys online. He wanted to split our entree so that we didn't go over the ten bucks. Fun on a normal day- but not the most romantic proposition on our anniversary.