Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Some Like it HOT!

 We were at a Mexican restaurant when Ross thought it would be funny to give Luke a taste of the very spicy salsa. He wanted to see the sad reaction. We were a bit surprised when instead of cries, we got giggles and a bowl licking. To say he liked it would be an understatement. Since this was Daddy's brilliant idea, he was put on diaper duty the next day.
 Spicy enough to need some water, but not enough to stop him from going back for more. Kids are fun.

Sara's Kindergarten Job Fair

 The Kindergarten had a job fair where they were to make a poster detailing some information about the career they want when they grow up. Sara did hers on being an artist. She used her skills to decorate her poster, and I love the way she dressed up. The creative little thing makes our lives so beautiful and bright.

Visits from Grandma Goodman

We get to see more of Grandma Goodman now than we ever have. She makes trips down here quite often to help Rex. Every time she does, we try to get up there to see her, or we take the chance to take to the airport. The kids love getting more time with her. She is such a fun and loving grandma.


We were leaving Zupas one night when Jack got to live out one of his dreams. I fire broke out at the In'N'Out, and he got to watch as a REAL FIRE TRUCK rolled in to put it out. He just kept jumping and screaming, "This is AMAZING!" Boys are fun.