Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thants Giving

Blogger is dumb! For reals! Anyway, Yesterday Brittany was in town, so we decided to have a get together of people who I have neither seen nor thought about in years. It was actually meant to be a bigger party of people we were once close to, but the only people who showed up were people who I have neither seen nor thought about in years. It was fun- and I sincerely mean that. I am fairly certain that my face was varying colors of scarlet throughout the night due to my crippling awkwardness in social situations- but I really did enjoy myself.

The guests-who-showed-up list is as follows:
Tyler Whittaker- OHS Band president for my Sophomore year of High School. I had not seen him since the spring of my Senior year of High School when Carrie thought about maybe wanting to datify him. He is featured in the picture at the top- which blogger seems to have a crush on because it wont let me place any text at all above him. Good cyber-wooing Tyler- I had no idea! :)

Mark Fernlund- Super Senior of Doom. He is about 4 years older than me which means we never attended school in the same place at the same time- but he was always around there while I attended anyway. He is an interesting fellow with a loud personality. I was a little shocked when he came over. He suggested we play Apples to Apples and then made me hate him by winning. Other than that- it was fun to catch up with him.

Mandy Fernlund- Wife of aforementioned Fernlund. The happy couple are featured in the picture below.
Brittany Asay- I have indeed talked, seen, thought, and dedicated entire parties and blog posts about Brittany many times in the past year. I love this girl! She is amazing and I am glad she is my friend. I also think that she should move into my basement in January and get a job researching what birds are (we just don't know) instead of moving to stupid Texas! Seriously- why are all my friends moving to TX? I mean, aside from the incredible housing market, the nice weather, the hot cowboys, the good schools, the plethora of jobs, and the chance to move on in a new and invigorating environment- Texas really offers very little that my basement does not!

I am not sure what Brittany is thinking about in this picture, but I am fairly certain she is revelling in the wonder that is her spinache artichoke dip. I am addicted! I may have cried when Brittany ruined my plans of licking the caserole dish clean after the guests left when she took it home with her- lame!
Ross and Sara. They were on a team during Apples to Apples: AKA stupidest game EVER. I hated it not only because I was losing, but also because I had lame cards, and because people never chose the rediculously clever responses I chose, and because the responses that were always chosen were always lame, and because my intelligence level was obviously above that of every other person playing, and because I was losing. Stupid!
Hi Britt!

Final Guest- Christopher Butters- Marching Band friend in high school, and good friend during my Senior year in high school. We went to a few dances together and I am pretty sure we had off and on crushes on each other that never quite matched up. I could be wrong- maybe it was just me. Either way- I hadn't seen him since. . . a BYU game party in 2002? I think. . . He and Brittany were snuggle buddies for most of the night.

Chris and Tyler also introduced me to the wonder of the BBC 'Look Around You'. Look it up on You-Tube! you will Thant me later. Maths is my favorite, although Water is particularly delightful as well.
Thank you for a wonderful evening Brittany and Male Entourage- come again soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Here are some quick pictures from Thanksgiving Day at 'Silly Papa Wallace's' house.

This is my favorite part about dinner at Grandma Wallace's house! Lara always makes a LOT of pies in a variety of flavors and they are ALL fantastic. I am grateful for pie!
So is Ross!
And Caulene!
Sara is grateful for balls.

Dana is grateful for fun games that we win when on the same team! We dominated in Charoodles and Cranium because we are brilliant!

Good times! I love my family! Too bad Allen and Carrie were too lame to join us this year. . .

Picture Tag

Now that I have had this tag from 4 different people, I thought I should go ahead and do it.

This is the 4th picture from the 4th file of my pictures- see why the 4th tag was the charm.Ironically, this is one of 3 pictures in that entire file that doesn't include Emma-Roo. Sara is definitely there though. . .

Happy Jones Giving!

My dad always has to work on Thanksgiving, so we have started a tradition now where he have a family Thanksgiving meal the day before. This is always pretty handy because my Grandma Wallace usually has a big dinner on Thursday. This means more than one amazing turkey dinner that I don't have to cook! Nice! Here are some pictures from this year's Jones Giving Dinner.

Making sure the battery is charged enough to take pictures. Emma got to help decorate the tree. Our tree has been up since shortly (hours) after Halloween ended, and it is a dinky little thing. She was very excited to see Grandma's ginormous tree! She kapt telling Grandma how big it was.
Someday I would like to be as photogenic as Caulene. For reals- the girl can't take a bad picture.
Ross looks a lot like one of his brothers in this one. Poor guy had been up since very early trying to get some good hours in before the break.
We have to have Caulene around to get the ornaments on the top half of the tree that the rest of us can't reach. Thanks for your height Caulene!
Sara was enamored with the lights. Ours is up high on a box- so Sara was thrilled to be so up close and personal.
Emma and Dana got a good system going after a while.

Dad had bronchitus and wasn't feeling to hot.
Heather's camera's batteries died- so she resorted to the camera on her phone. That, or her popular bum got a text.
It was a fun night, and a great practice for the next day. Thants, Mom! We love you!

The Savior of the World at the Conference Center

Last Friday night, my good friend Emily called me up to see if I could go to The Savior of the World with her the next day. My sweet husband offered to watch the girls so that I could go, and it was AMAZING! I am going to take Ross to it again before it closes. I loved it. It was a beautiful presentation of all the reasons that the Nativity of Christ is my very favorite scripture story. I will go more into detail about that in another post- maybe after Ross and I go. . .

We got there early enough to take a tour of the roof at the Conference Center. I had never been up there. It was really beautiful. We got to go alone with a tour guide, and she was so cute. I like smaller groups- so the three of us was a pretty good deal for me! I was also confused/flattered when she found out I have two kids and told me that she thought I was 17. :)

Emily got her tickets because she has connections in the show! Her cousin and her cousin's husband are Mary and Joseph. Amazing! That is Alex De Birk below, and he was really brilliant. Melinda (Mary) was lovely, and their chemistry as Mary and Joseph was incredibly touching and believable (shocker!) Her sister also played Joana. It was fun to see some familiar faces on stage.
We met two of her roommates there. Michelle (pictured with Emily below) and Erika were both lovely people and I was glad to finally meet them.
Thank you for thinking of me, Emily! I loved it! And you! And your face!

Michelle and Dan

On November 15, 2008, one of my very favorite people got sealed for time and all eternity to her beloved. It was a wonderful day! Ross and I were privileged to be at Michelle and Dan's sealing, and I just have to say that I love the temple and the truly inspired people who work there. When their sweet sealer was giving the happy couple some advice before the sealing, he told Michelle especially to only listen to the Spirit when it came to these serious covenants she was about to make. Now, this may be something that he says to all married couples- but I like to think, especially since it was directed to Michelle, that he was inspired.

Here are some quick pictures from Michelle's wedding day. It was a beautiful day! I like to think that it was in honor of Michelle!
The Grosses This is Patrick getting a call telling him that he had to run down to Orem to watch his daughter who was sleeping.
This is Pam. She is wonderful! This is Carrie. She is pretty wonderful too.
Lizzy is Michelle's twin sister. The twins and Carrie were pretty much my support system through my Senior year of high school. I love them all dearly, even if they all make me want to be them sometimes. Seriously- how beautiful are the twins!? It is craziness!

I LOVED these shoes and want some. There is glitter!
Stupid Paid Photorapher dude thought that it was more important for him to get the good shots than me. Rude! :)

Kiss, Kiss, Kiss!!
Michelle had to keep wiping her lipstick off of Dan.
Her dress was amazing. I want one like it the next time Ross and I get married.
Look at his cute smile! He was so happy and sweet the entire day.
This is Mullett Man. He and his lovely tresses were the source of MUCH entertainment while we waited 45 minutes for certain people to get to the temple.
Thanks, Mullett Man!

That is her marriage license. She is so pretty.
I love you, Michelle! Let's hang out before you go to stupid El Paso!
After we picked the girls up from Melissa's house (THANK YOU!!), we went and got a free slice of pizza from Pier 49. Emma stole some of our 'juice' and would not give it back.
It was Dr. Pepper.

She did not take a nap. . .
This one did though.

At the wedding dinner, we sat with the Lemens! It was awesome! Mr. Lemen was my band director in high school, and Debbie is his lovely and Brittish wife. It was really great to catch up with them. Some day, maybe another 6 years from now, I might be able to call him Paul. Until then, Mr. Lemen will have to suffice.
We also sat with the Grosses. It was a fun table.
Nate is a photographer, and the bubbles in Carrie's sparkling cider were in the shape of a heart. Naturally Nate had to get a good shot of it.

At the reception we had some amazing cake, and chatted with old friends, and took pictures of ourselves making out- you know, the norm.
It was a long day, but it was a good day. I am so happy for Michelle- even if she is leaving us for stupid Texas! I wish her and Dan all the love and happiness in the world.